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Security Bond Requirements

Security Bonds and Booking Deposits - what does it all mean? Find out more in this section.

Security Bonds

Even when you elect to have a zero liability package, some form of Security Bond is required by fleet insurers as a sign of good faith and to enable matters such as parking and traffic fines, fuel replacement etc. to be dealt with.

Our Security Bond arrangements are that a Security Bond equal to your chosen insurance excess liability must be provided for the duration of the rental term, or $100 (Gold Coast depot) or $200 (Northern Beaches depot), whichever is the greater. An additional "local person" bond of $100 must be provided by people whose normal residence is within 50Klm of our Gold Coast office.

If you have taken out separate travel insurance arrangements, a full liability Security Bond is required as we are unable to claim on your policy, necessitating that you settle with us and then seek reimbursement from your insurer.

Security Bonds are required to be actually paid, either in cash or by credit/debit card - or at our discretion by a combination of payment and pre-authorisation against the relevant card. Customers from overseas are advised that any currency risk between when the Bond is paid to us and when it is refunded, is their personal risk.

Security Bonds are refundable and any pre-authorisations are withdrawn upon satisfactory return of the vehicle.

The Security Bond may be appropriated by us at our sole discretion should the Renter not fully observe the Terms and Conditions of Rental.

Booking Deposits and Payment Options

Early booking is encouraged - you get a wider choice of available vehicles.

We have the widest possible range of payment options:

  1. Pay $75 upon allocation of the vehicle, with the remainder plus the required Security Bond payable upon collection of the vehicle.
  2. Pay by installments structured between vehicle allocation and vehicle collection.
  3. Pay in full upon vehicle allocation. 

These options can all be protected by the world's best Cancellation Protection - for a small $19.80 fee, you will be guaranteed that you will receive a full refund of all Rental Charges and Security Bond payments, even if you give us as little as 2 hours notice of cancellation. If you give us less than 2 hours notice, or if you provide no notice, the maximum amount that we will retain from your Rental and  Security Bond payments will be $60.00.

Our minimum booking deposit is $75 per vehicle and all prepayments will be applied against your rental bill. 

Booking deposits and other pre-payments are payable once we have established vehicle availability and allocated a vehicle to you. So, just like everywhere else, you need to pay these by either a credit card or a debit card. The bank processing fee varies from 1% to 2.85%, depending on your choice of card. If you wish to avoid paying further bank processing fees, you can pay the remaining Rental and Security Bond by Eftpos or in direct deposit instalments or by cash when you collect your car (not available for after-hours vehicle collections).

When you book a car, we take it out of our "available" list for the period of your rental, thus denying any other enquirers access to the vehicle you have selected. This process is more critical for us than many other car rental operators because we often only have one or two versions of a particular car. When you book a car with us, it is usually "the ... car" rather than "a ... car".

We try to treat cancellation requests on an individually fair basis, we encourage you to tell us your circumstances. If you provide us with 7 day's (or greater) notice, we will refund your deposit, or any other pre-payment made.

Most cancellations with us end up with either an immediate straight refund or full transfer to another future booking (even for friends or relatives) or a refund conditional upon our ability to get a replacement booking. Anyone who cancels a booking because they are directly affected by government imposed travel restrictions has an open choice to receive a refund of their reservation deposit, or have us reserve it as part payment of a future booking. Their choice, not ours.

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